Tag Heuer Movement Types

Updated November 21, 2016

Tag Heuer is a Swiss company that specialises in watch making. Founded in 1860, the company also produces eyeglasses, sunglasses and night and day lenses. Tag Heuer designs and manufactures a wide variety of watches, such as the Alter Ego, Grand Carrera, Monaco, Aquaracer and Kirium lines. The movement is the mechanism that calculates the passage of time in watches. Tag Heuer uses self winding automatic, battery operated quartz, and self winding automatic chronometer movement types.

Battery Operated Quartz Movement

Tag Heuer watches with a battery operated quartz movement type include the Men's Formula One line-up, with models such as the Anthracite Indy 500, White Dial Quartz, Quartz Orange Steel and Quartz Red Steel. A battery operated quartz watch movement is used for the majority of watches produced. The passage of time is calculated via a battery that should last for several years. As outlined by the Swiss Watches Guide, time is divided by a quartz oscillator in these watches, which is an electronic circuit designed to produce a stable alternating current. Watches that use this type of movement vibrate at a high frequency and are highly accurate. Both analogue and digital watches can be made with a battery operated quartz movement.

Self-Winding Automatic Movement

Many Tag Heuer watches also have a self-winding automatic movement type. These includes watches from the Aquaracer, Carrera and Link model lines. Also common to Swiss watch making, self-winding automatic watches do not use a battery and instead are wound by the movement of the human wrist. As the wrist moves, the rotor of the watch pivots in a circular motion, winding the mainspring which is the device that powers the watch. Automatic watches were pioneered by Swiss watchmaker Perrelet. They are widely available and popular due to the intricasies of the technology and the fact that they are eco-friendly, with no batteries to dispose of.

Self-Winding Automatic Chronometer Movement

Tag Heuer also produces watches that utilise a self-winding automatic chronometer movement. These models are limited to the company's Grand Carrera Men's Caliber line-up. The movement type of these watches is identical to the self-winding automatic movement type featured on other Tag Heuer watches. However, the term "chronometer" offers a special designation of accuracy which is installed only upon watches that have been tested and found to have high-quality movements.

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