Birthday gift ideas for a 2-year-old granddaughter

Updated October 05, 2017

By the time most children turn two, they have already developed strong personalities and specific tastes. Before deciding on a birthday gift for your two-year-old granddaughter, consider her interests and joys in life, such as feminine, artistic or sporty tendencies. Your gift should tie into these leanings, allowing your granddaughter to celebrate her developing personality while still enjoying her childhood.

Dress Up

Most little girls, even at the age of two, enjoy dressing up in frilly clothes. As a result, your granddaughter will love a pink dress, accessorised with a floral headband, lace rimmed socks and patent leather shoes. Take your granddaughter to a portrait studio while wearing the outfit and provide her parents with framed pictures from the session. Dress-up gear also includes purple feather boas, princess tiaras and costume jewellery, ideal for a tea party. Include a plastic tea set, as well as stuffed animals to serve as guests at the party.

Art Supplies

Some children begin exploring their creative outlets around the age of two. As a result, art supplies serve as an ideal gift for your granddaughter. Offer such items as finger paints, crayons, coloured pencils, construction paper, stickers and colouring books. Include a set of colourful magnets so her parents can display her artwork on the refrigerator. Additional supplies include coloured clays, plastic moulds, stand-up blackboards and an artist's apron for added protection. Place the items in a travel kit so she can also bring her art supplies with her to grandma and grandpa's house.

Throwback Toys

Create a bond between your childhood and your granddaughter's by providing her with a classic toy. For instance, give her a collection of throwback tin toys, such as spinning tops, jack-in-the-boxes and windup toys. Conjure up memories from your own childhood with such simple wooden playthings as building blocks, gliders, hand carved push animals or large puzzles that feature a princess or ballerina. Other classic toys include old-fashioned tricycles, red wagons and crying baby dolls with such accessories as strollers, bottles, cloth diapers and various dresses.

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