Birthday Gifts for a 40 Year Old Woman

The 40th birthday is often viewed as one of the last milestone birthdays. The special woman in your life may not be looking forward to turning 40 because it symbolises that she's leaving her younger years behind. Find birthday gifts that show her you care and remind her that age is nothing but a number. Birthday gifts for a 40 year-old woman focus on making her birthday a special one.

40 Gifts

Treat her to gifts that show her you care, such as 40 roses in her favourite colour. Divide the roses into different smaller bouquets and place the bouquets around the house. Place one bouquet in the bedroom, where she'll see it as soon as she wakes up and place another in the kitchen. Or, purchase a large bouquet made of 40 flowers and have it delivered to her at work. Another idea is to treat her to 40 weeks of something special in the upcoming year, such as a housecleaning service. Arrange for the housekeeper to clean the house once a week, for the next 40 weeks. If she likes pampering herself, buy her 40 small gift tokens for a local spa. She can combine the gift tokens and treat herself to a few of her favourite spa treatments.

Back in Time

Give her a blast from the past, with something from the year she was born. Go back 40 years and treat her with something from that year, such as a set of uncirculated coins from the year she was born. Find a newspaper from the day she was born and have that framed. If you have access to the Internet, track down the top songs from the year she was born and download those songs onto a disc. Make a cover for the CD, using different images of her as a baby. You can even make a mixed CD that features top songs from across the course of her life.

40th Scavenger Hunt

If you have a little more time, arrange a scavenger hunt that reminds her of her biggest achievements and moments in her life. Hide different clues around town and give her one clue that leads her to the first stop. Each time she finds a new clue, it leads her to another one until she reaches the last stop, where you're waiting or have a party planned, as her big gift. Potential stops include: her childhood home, her former college and the place where you proposed. You can even leave smaller gifts at each of the 40 spots, by asking your guests to hide one of their presents at the spot.

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