80th birthday gifts for a mom

Updated March 29, 2017

Celebrate your mother turning 80 years of age with a heartfelt and sentimental gift item. As a woman who is 80 years old it is likely that your mom has all the material things she could need. Create a homemade gift to show your love and appreciation for her. There are lots of gifts you can give depending upon your tastes and budget. What matters is that thought and care have gone into creating something truly special to thank your mother for her support over the years.

80 Roses

Honour your mom's birthday by presenting her with a bunch of 80 roses. Choose the colour of your roses to signify your feelings towards her. Pink represents admiration and appreciation, which will portray the relationship many children have with their mothers. Write a poem or personal message wishing her happy birthday on a card to accompany the roses.

Homemade Documentary

Create a homemade documentary of the life of your mom using a video camera. Explain her life using photographs and by interviewing friends and family members asking them to recall fun or poignant stories about your mom. Work on your documentary early to ensure you have enough time to include everybody that you want to. Play the documentary as a surprise if she is having a birthday party. Although it will not cost much financially, it is a thoughtful gift that your mom can treasure.

Greetings From The White House

The White House offer a greeting card service for US citizens who are 80 or older. Order a free greeting card that will be signed by the president of the US and the first lady. This service is very popular so order your card several months ahead of your mom's birthday. Include your mom's birthday date, full name including title and her address. Send your request to:

White House

Greetings Office

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20502-0039

80-Page Scrapbook

Make a scrapbook containing 80 pages, one to represent each year of your mother's life. Fill the scrapbook full of mementos of good times you have shared together such as holiday photographs, flight tickets or personal poems and letters. Use your imagination to make your scrapbook as interesting and personal as you can. Ask family members if they have any old photographs or items you can include. If you have young children, ask them to draw a picture for their grandma that you can include in the book.

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