Birthday Gift Ideas for a 17-Year-Old Son

Updated April 17, 2017

Buying a gift for your 17-year-old can be a difficult feat. At this age, he is more likely to be found hanging out with his friends or in front of his computer than sitting around the dinner table filling you in on his latest interests. When it comes to shopping for a son burgeoning on manhood, take what you do know about him, and expand on it to find the right gift.

Sports Memorabilia

Teenage boys love sports, so sports memorabilia is a great gift for them. Clothing with their favourite sports logo is an option, but why not take it a step further? A miniature replica of his team's stadium, a print of one of the great moments in his favourite team's history or any number of signed items would make for a great gift for a 17-year-old boy.


If there is one thing that 17-year-old boys love more than sports, it's video games. Go big and get him the latest gaming system or a gaming laptop (these usually come equipped with high-end video and sound cards, as well as extra memory). For something a little less extravagant, pick him up a USB roll drum kit, a digital camera, a new MP3 player, a gaming storage ottoman or an upgraded cell phone.

Childhood Reminders

Some of the best gifts evoke memories of days past. Boys and men alike love toys they can play with. Legos, Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots, action figures of their favourite comic book characters, a paint ball gun and remote control vehicles all fit the bill. Other gifts that will remind your son of his youth include comic books and DVD box sets of old cartoons that he would still find funny at 17, like "Ren and Stimpy."

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