Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband on a Low Budget

Updated November 21, 2016

It can be difficult to find a meaningful yet inexpensive gift for your husband on his birthday. When the budget is tight, you can make your husband something homemade or put together an inexpensive evening at home. From a handmade coupon book to a romantic evening for two, use your imagination to create a memorable gift for your husband that will not break your budget.

Coupon Book

Make your husband a homemade coupon book for his birthday. Fold about 10 sheets of paper in half. Staple down the middle of the pages and make a cover for the book on the front page. Draw a dotted line around the border of each page to make it look more like a coupon. Write coupons such as "Good for One Neck Rub," "Good for One Meal of Your Choice" and "Good for One Kiss." Wrap a large ribbon and bow around the coupon book. Your husband will enjoy the personal and sentimental thought.

Treasure Hunt

Plan a treasure hunt for your husband and make him find all of his gifts. Use inexpensive gifts, such as his favourite chocolate bar, favourite movie (rented or purchased) and cook his favourite meal. Then leave notes around the house leading him to each gift. Leave a note that reads, "Happy Birthday -- Check the living room for your first gift." Along with that gift, leave another note that reads, "Now look in the office to locate your next gift." Finish with leaving a note leading him to the dining room, where you can have a hot meal waiting for him.

Romantic Dinner

Create a romantic dinner at home and turn the lights down low and light candles for a romantic atmosphere. You can also take your husband to a nearby park for a picnic birthday. Take a large blanket for the two of you to sit on and a small radio if you want to enjoy music. Play a CD of his favourite songs and enjoy each other's company. Fill a wicker basket with sandwiches, chips and fruit. Write him a love poem or a letter about how much he means to you. After dinner, read the poem to him.

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