Monogrammed Toilet Paper Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding a unique gift can be a challenge, but monogrammed toilet tissue is certain to be a surprise for anyone you choose to buy it for. Buying monogrammed toilet tissue is certainly personal, and can be gift-wrapped to make something ordinary into something extraordinary. Not only is it a unique gift, but it is highly functional and not too expensive to buy.

Gold Lettering

Gold-lettered monogrammed toilet paper can be purchased from for £12.30 (as of December 2010). This gift comes individually boxed with two rolls of the toilet paper and each sheet is individually monogrammed. Each roll has 500 sheets and is 2-ply.

Poo Pourri

This gift is not only individually monogrammed with a silver lettering design, but also comes with a spray bottle of poo pourri scent. The gift set is wrapped in a black organza bag. This gift is available from and cost £11.0 (as of December 2010).


Crystal Creations offers an embroidered personalised toilet roll, gift wrapped and tied with a ribbon. These toilet rolls can have the design of your choice; such as two hearts with individual names and a date for a wedding. The embroidery is sewn onto only the front sheet of the roll. The advantage of this is that you can keep that sheet and add it to another roll. This gift is available from for £4.50 (as of December 2010).


An unusual wedding gift can be found at, where you can buy initialled toilet paper for the happy couple. The lettering is gold on white paper that has mini-sized letters lightly coloured in the background. Rolls are individually wrapped and are 2-ply. These rolls cost £5.80 each (as of December 2010).

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