Unique 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Written by ann johnson | 13/05/2017
Unique 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Give your spouse a geranium plant for the garden. (geranium image by photografika from Fotolia.com)

While there are traditional and modern alternative gifts for specific wedding anniversaries, the fourth wedding anniversary has more options than most. Instead of just one traditional gift for the fourth anniversary, there are four, being leather, silk, flowers or fruit. The modern alternative, appliance, is practical, rather than romantic. The anniversary gemstone for the fourth anniversary is blue topaz. Depending on what source you use, the flower for the fourth anniversary is geranium, alstroemeria or hydrangea.


You can give a unique gift by giving the traditional gift ideas your own distinct twist. Instead of purchasing a standard leather item for your spouse, go to a leather worker and have a custom item specially designed and made for the occasion. Prepare a romantic indoor picnic, hosted on fresh new silk sheets in the master bedroom, with lots of fresh flowers. Serve strawberries dipped in chocolate and other delicacies. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon celebrating your fourth anniversary.

Modern Alternative

An appliance is a device designed to perform a specific function. We commonly think of a toaster, stove or coffeemaker when considering appliances. When selecting the modern alternative as a gift, think beyond the obvious appliance if you want to make a unique selection. If your spouse is into crafts or gardening, perhaps a food dehydrator might be less obvious, yet more appreciated, than another countertop appliance. Instead of a modern appliance, take a trip to the antique store and look for an antique or retro appliance, for the spouse who enjoys vintage items.


Europeans during the Renaissance believed topaz had the power to ease anger and break magic spells. In ancient Greece, they credited topaz for giving strength. Many think of topaz as being a golden coloured stone, yet topaz comes in a range of shades, including blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and colourless. It is the blue topaz that is the traditional gemstone for the fourth wedding anniversary. When giving your spouse a piece of jewellery with a blue topaz, personalise the item by adding two other gemstones--your birthstone and your spouses'.


Depending on whom you ask, the anniversary flower for the fourth year is geranium, alstroemeria or hydrangea. Make your floral gift a bit unusual by having the florist create a floral bouquet using all three flowers.

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