Birthday Gift Ideas for a 100 Year Old

Updated April 17, 2017

A 100th birthday is an occasion for great celebration after 10 decades of life. Giving for 100th birthdays is a challenge as gift givers want a special, memorable gift idea that is also practical for the lifestyle of a senior. If the senior lives in a senior's home or assisted living facility there may be restrictions on gifts. Some homes do not permit scented candles, flowers or nuts due to resident allergies.

Photo Collage

A photo collage celebrating the 100-year-old is a thoughtful gift. The collage can be displayed on soft board, in frames or on a DVD, and presented on screen at a birthday party for everyone to enjoy. A photo collage is a reminder of great life moments. Asking old friends, members of the extended family and immediate family members for copies of their pictures is a great start when planning this gift. Organise the pictures into decades and mount them on individual boards to help the 100-year-old and their family review the memories chronologically. If using a DVD for presentation of the collage, you can also use individual frames for the respective decades.

100 Favorite Things

A gift basket with an assortment of favourite things is a great gift idea. Members of the family can collect 100 favourite things of the birthday celebrant including food, entertainment items, clothing and accessories as well as pictures and trinkets. These 100 items, hand-selected by members of the family, will last beyond the actual birthday. Select unique items that are either practical, comforting or nostalgic. Remember that the concept behind the basket is treating the senior with their favourite things; a little something to make every day of their 100th year special.

100 Years of History

Many seniors enjoy discussing the past and moments in history. An individual that has lived through 10 decades of political news, entertainment stories, world firsts and breakthroughs in science and culture will enjoy a scrapbook or poster display of memorable moments from the last 100 years. If using a scrapbook, divide into segments based upon decade. Fill each section of the scrapbook with copies of headlines, news stories and fun facts about that decade. If using a poster display, designate individual poster boards for particular decades. Using the archives of your local library and Internet resources are the best ways for gathering this information. Use colourful paper, interesting fonts and visual images to keep the display interesting and engaging for the senior. Use larger fonts if the senior is visually impaired.

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