Great Birthday Gift Ideas for a One-Year-Old Boy

Updated November 21, 2016

Turning 1 year old is a milestone celebration for any birthday boy, even if he is unaware of what is going on around him during the event. Choosing a gift for a little one as they turn 1 can be a hard decision to make, as the child has a lifetime ahead of them. Gifts for a birthday boy can range from fun to educational.


Books continue to be the cornerstone for a child in terms of developing a sense of speech, language and communication. Getting a 1-year-old new books for his first birthday can be one way to keep showing the child the importance of reading. For a great gift idea, give an assortment of books spanning a variety of subjects. Good books for a little boy include books about farm animals, safari adventures, holidays and heroes.


Blocks are toys that babies begin to play with around the age of six months. Though baby-friendly blocks are most likely owned by the birthday boy, a first birthday gift idea would be to get the child a more advanced set of blocks. Even though educational in nature, teaching tactile development and hand-eye coordination, blocks are a great gift that children can play with for many years. Block sets depicting boy themes such as cars, animals and rescue or farming equipment can be found, making the gift even more suitable for the big birthday boy.

Red Wagon

A wagon is a simple and traditional toy that is suitable for giving to a birthday boy as he turns 1. Though adult supervision is required, a classic red wagon can be a gift that lasts for many years. Children can ride in a wagon once they can sit and continue playing with the toy as they get older and use it for pulling around their own items. Wagons can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so use your budget as a guideline when selecting this type of a birthday present.

Cups, Plates and Utensils

By age 1, many children have already begun their journey into eating solid foods. One gift idea for a birthday boy would be an assortment of eating supplies. For boys, choosing sets that depict fire trucks, animals and farming equipment can make for an interesting start down the child's culinary adventures of life. You can buy spill-proof cups, utensils, plates and bowls in a variety of characters, colours and designs to help keep the child engaged in eating.

Bathtub Toys

Turning 1 means that the birthday boy is beginning his transition to taking more toddler-style baths. Infants get cleaned up in kitchen sinks or get sponge baths until they are old enough to truly sit on their own around six months of age. By a child's first birthday, bath time takes on a new meaning and playing in the tub is a common occurrence. One gift idea is to fill a blue basket or bucket with an assortment of toys such as rubber ducks, balls, boats and water-friendly toys. You can add to the basket and include fun washcloths and sponges shaped as cars, trucks, dinosaurs or frogs.

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