Wood Punch Tools

Written by daniel thompson
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Wood Punch Tools
Wood punches can create textured surfaces for decorative woodworking. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Wood punch tools can perform a variety of woodworking tasks. One of the more common uses of the wood punch is to set pilot holes that ease the task of installing fasteners. Wood punch tools are also used to create textured surfaces that increase the grip of a wood surface -- a pistol grip, for example. Wood punch tools are also used by woodworkers to create shading and textures for furniture and art.

Stippling Punch

Stippling wood punches are used to lightly perforate the surface of a board with holes or indentations in a specific pattern. The cutting surface of the stippling punch consists of short raised triangles set in a grid pattern. Stippling punches are available in a variety of shapes including round, square and rectangular. Wood stippling punches are sized based on the number of lines per inch in the cutting area, the diameter or width of the punch, and its length.

Hollow Punch

Hollow punch tools designed for wood surfaces are used to create a hole in a piece of wood. This type of punch consists of a steel cylinder with a flat striking end. The end of the punch opposite the striking end is tapered with a hole in the end that is open on one side of the punch. Hollow punches are typically measured by the diameter of their cutting surface.

Center Punch

The centre punch is a simple tool designed to create an indentation in a wood surface prior to drilling. Center punches consist of a handle, a striking surface and a cutting surface. The cutting end of the tap is tapered to concentrate the force of a hammer strike to create a hole in the surface of an object. Frequently, centre punches are also designed to work as a combination nail setter.

Optical Center Punch

Optical centre punches provide wood workers with the ability to set drilling points using a centre punch with a high degree of accuracy. The optical centre punch is a kit that consists of a centre punch and a guide into which the punch fits. The guide features removable optics that allow the user to accurately place the guide before inserting and using the punch. While in use, the punch is held in place by the user with the aid of a high-friction o-ring.

Figural Punch

Figural punches are wood punches that create indentations of specific designs on wood surfaces. This type of punch is similar in nature to a centre punch. It consists of a square shaft with a blunt striking end opposite the cutting end. Unlike a centre punch, figural punches use a symetrical raised design to cut shapes into a surface. Letter and number stamps are similar in design but use reverse images of letters or numbers. Unlike figural punches, letter and number stamps are available in multi-stamp models that provide more than one stamp on a single tool.

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