Solo 210 Engine Specs

Written by madison rayne | 13/05/2017

The Solo 210 is a German engine that is common in powered paragliding and ultralight aircraft.This super-light engine has been tested and proven to be very reliable for the last 10 years. This engine features a silencer and tuned exhaust for an ultra-quiet motor and agility. The Solo 210 is offered with either an electric start, or a high-energy ignition system (HEIS). The HEIS combines with an engine modification for easy start-up. This engine generally comes with certification from the German Ultralight Association for safety and quietness.


The Solo 210 engine features a composite propeller that is available in two cage diameter sizes, 110cm and 122cm. This engine uses a high-mounted, large gas tank for long flights and easier fuel delivery.


The Solo 210 has a 210-cubic-centimetre, two-stroke, one-cylinder engine. The tank holds 2.9 gallons (11 litres) and the engine runs on a 50-to-1 pre-mix of unleaded 93-octane auto fuel and oil. The Solo 210 reaches a maximum horsepower of 15 at 6,000 revolutions per minute, and a compression ratio of 10.6-to-1. The dry weight of this engine is 12.7kg.

Cooling and Exhaust

The Solo 210 uses a free air cooling system with a single, integral pump-type carburettor. This is a Bing float-bowl carburettor that is fitted for instant starting.

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