Trex Deck Cleaning Products

Written by melody lee | 13/05/2017

Trex products are a composite of reclaimed and recycled wood and plastic products, such as sawdust, used pallets and plastic shopping bags. These composites are extremely durable and resistant to damage from sun, water or insects. Decks made from Trex composites are easy to care for and typically need thorough cleaning twice a year. You can use soap and hot water with a soft brush to clean Trex decks, or one of several cleaners specifically designed for composite products.


Corte-Clean is a powerful but eco-friendly cleaning product that is specifically formulated for composite materials, such as Trex. According to the Corte-Clean website, the cleaner will remove stains caused by mould, mildew, leaves, needles, clay, rust, grease, oil, sunscreen and food. It is biodegradable, nontoxic and noncorrosive, and does not contain chlorine bleach or sodium hypochlorite.

PSC Complete Deck Restorer

PSC Complete Deck Restorer is specifically designed to clean heavily soiled composite decks, such as Trex. It is safer and more predictable than homemade cleaners or cleaners formulated for wood decks, according to the PSC (Problem Solving Corporation). In addition to removing stains caused by mould, mildew and leaves, PSC Complete Deck Restorer returns composite materials to like-new condition.

Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner

Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner is a nontoxic cleaner for composite products, such as Trex decks. It uses cleaning ingredients and a unique oxygen bleach technology to remove organic stains and dirt, according to the Duckback Products website. It safely cleans stains caused by algae, mould, mildew and grease. Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner does not contain sodium percarbonate.

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