Bosch In-Line Fuel Pump Specs

Updated April 17, 2017

Bosch manufactures a variety of both in-line turbine and in-tank fuel pumps for gasoline and diesel engines. The fuel pump is designed to pump gas or diesel from a vehicle's tank to the carburettor or fuel injection system to eventually to spark up and power the car. The in-line pump is a descendant of earlier mechanical versions, which sent gas to the carburettor. Fuel-injection replaced the carburettor in many newer vehicles, creating the need for higher-pressure in-line or in-tank fuel pumps.

Turbine Pump Specifications

Bosch focuses on turbine in-line fuel pumps but sells other in-line varieties for aftermarket installation. The in=line turbine pumps feature an impeller ring; a spin-balanced, polymer-encased armature; carbon brushes; a non-return valve, and a noise-suppression coil to cut radio frequency interference. The pumps are designed with a focus on quiet operation, minimised wear and long life and an identical fit to the parts they replace.

In-Line Diesel

Bosch manufactures nine types of diesel, in-line fuel-injection system pumps. All of the pump cylinders have a plunger-and-barrel assembly. The amount of injected fuel per stroke, at mm3, ranges from Type M at 60 to Type H 1000 at 250. Maximum nozzle pressure, or bar, for the nine range from M at 550 to 1,350 for H 1000. The in-line injection pumps all either use mechanical or electronic valves and direct injection except for Type M. The number of cylinders ranges from four to eight. The maximum speed for diesel in-line pumps, or mim-1, ranges from 5,000 to 2,200. The maximum power per cylinder, kW, ranges from 20 to 70.

044 Inline Fuel Pump

The 044 in-line pump is one of the most in-demand Bosch pumps online. They are most commonly installed on the rear centre underside of the truck or car. The Bosch 044 has a minimum flow at outlet of 80 gallons per hour (300 litres per hour) and runs at 32.9 Kilogram of pressure per square inch (psi). The high pressure in-line pump can support cars and trucks with up to 700 horsepower. The pump can be used in sequence with an in-tank Walbro or Bosch 040 fuel pump. The in-line pump, part number 0580254044, has a high-temperature reduction of 8 gallons per hour (30 lph) and weighs 103 Kilogram (1,030 grams).


The company catalogue has 480 pages of Bosch fuel pumps and compatible makes and models of imported and domestic cars, light trucks and minivans.

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