Pen engraving ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The timeless elegance of an engraved pen makes it a tool that symbolises a special occasion, hobby or credo. Engravings come in many font styles to suit a variety personal tastes with a sense of style. Whether you're having a pen engraved for yourself or someone else, opt for a phrase or symbol that holds special meaning and inspiration.

Winston Churchill Quotes

England's celebrated Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a natural gift for speaking with a quick wit. Churchill's famed quotes are often used for inspiration and strength for all occasions. Some of Churchill's shorter quotes are ideal for pen engravings. For history buffs or those running for office, choose, "History is written by the victors." Another Churchill quote for a thoughtfully engraved pen reads, "Never, never, never give up." For anyone with a heavy workload, a pen engraved with Churchill's statement, "The price of greatness is responsibility," is a reminder that hard work pays off in the end.


If you're having a pen engraved for a wine enthusiast, opt for a design of grapevines climbing from the tip to the top of the pen. A finer engraving pattern will yield a more feminine-looking finish, and a bold pattern will appear masculine. You can also opt for a more understated engraving featuring of a single wineglass.


Choose a suitable font for initials to be engraved at the centre or toward the top of a pen. Initials are a convenient way to personalise a pen and turn it into a treasure that can be handed down to future generations. There are many different styles available for initials including contemporary lettering and cursive fonts. You can also have letters engraved at varying heights for added interest.

Animal Tracks

For animal lovers, have a pen engraved with paw prints or horseshoes. You can design a pattern of paw prints from dogs, cats or even rabbits that appear to be making a trail up the pen in a circular pattern. A pen for bird watchers can be engraved with small bird tracks while a pen for a marine biologist can be engraved with whale tails.

Career Engravings

Choose an engraving that correlates to career choices. For example, an engraving inspired by flight or aerospace engineering can feature an aeroplane, space shuttle or pilot's wings. A pen for a baker might feature a small cake engraved at the top of the pen. Keep it simple for the conservative look of a pen that is likely to be used in professional environments.

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