Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for a 15 Year Old

Written by kaye wagner | 13/05/2017
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for a 15 Year Old
Each person has one golden birthday. (birthday wishes image by Photoeyes from

A golden birthday is the birthday when your age matches the date of your birth. If someone is born on the 15th of the month, his golden birthday would be his fifteenth birthday. A birthday gift for a fifteen-year-old's golden birthday should commemorate the event.


Give the fifteen-year-old some gold on their golden birthday. This can be a gold ring, necklace or pendant. If the teenager is interested in minerals, you can simply give him a piece of unrefined gold. If you are purchasing gold jewellery, consider 15-karat gold. If you are purchasing a piece of unrefined gold, consider purchasing a .425gr piece, or be extravagant and purchase a 425gr piece.

Engraved Item

Engraving an item can make almost any gift suitable for many occasions. If the fifteen-year-old you are giving a gift to doesn't have an MP3 player, you can purchase one and have it engraved to commemorate the year they turned the age of their birth date. You can also have a watch or a piece of jewellery engraved.

Souvenir Newspaper

Souvenir newspapers are archived newspapers from particular dates. You can purchase one through a souvenir newspaper company or simply print one the cover from your library and get it framed. These newspapers can be from the fifteen-year-old's golden birthday or the day of their birth. You can also give them a newspaper front page from 100 years before their birth. If you decide to print your own, consider using a well-known newspaper that covers both local and international news.

Gifts in Sets

To commemorate the fifteen-year-old's golden birthday, purchase him a gift in 15 pieces. This could be 15 items of clothing, a 15-piece music or computer set or simply 15 of his favourite food item.

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