LDS Relief Society Birthday Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The Relief Society is the official women's educational and charitable organisation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is also referred to as the LDS Church or Mormons. The Relief Society annually celebrates the formation of its founding. The society is one of the longest-running women's organisations in the world. Since its formation on March 17, 1842, membership has grown to more than 6 million members over 170 countries.

Present Skits

Skits can be big hits at Relief Society birthday celebrations. The key to a successful skit is to choose one that is simple and easy to accomplish. You will want to make your point quite swiftly and then move on to the next activity. Ladies may feel too much pressure if the skit is too long or if their part requires the memorisation of many lines. Use reading parts only, if possible. Use skits that don't require a set or elaborate planning. Keep it simple. Consider the skit "Live Up to Your Privileges -- RS Birthday Skit" at, which also contains other valuable skit ideas.

Create Centerpieces

Table centrepieces are fun for everyone to make. Don't leave anyone out of the loop. Consider breaking everyone up in groups and let each group plan their own table. Every group gets to decorate their own table "theme" and add to the diversity of the evening. Relief Society leaders can branch this idea off of a scripture, off of mission countries, off of seasons or other creative ideas.

Create a Banner

As a group, paint or sew a banner together in remembrance of the birthday occasion. This can be accomplished by using any type of fabric you choose. Use a bed sheet, a canvas, a dust sheet or vinyl, to name a few examples. Thicker fabrics work best for banners. You can even sew fabric pieces together to make your banner. After choosing your fabric, map out the plan that Relief Society leaders decide will be placed upon the banner. Consider the Relief Society emblem or motto, "Charity Never Faileth." Use paint brushes, acrylic paints, permanent markers or any other means that you desire. The key is not how you created the banner, but why you created it in the first place. Hang it somewhere special for the sisters to enjoy for years to come.

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