What Are the Disadvantages of Massage Chairs?

Written by jamie peacock | 13/05/2017

Massage chairs are a relaxing way to get a massage without going to a masseuse. You can purchase one to use in the privacy of your home or use one in a public place where they are set up to help people relax. Despite the blissful idea of owning or frequently using a massage chair, there are some disadvantages.


One disadvantage to a massage chair is the high cost. If you plan on purchasing one for your home, you can easily spend more than £1,300. Paying to use a massage chair can add up quickly.

Weight of Chair

Massage chairs are very heavy. Not only are they the size of recliners, they are made with electronic equipment that adds a lot of bulk and weight. This can be a huge disadvantage if you need to move it or have it shipped.

Not as Effective

Using a massage chair can be very relaxing and prove to be beneficial for aches and pains. Unfortunately, using a massage chair isn't as effective as using a licensed masseuse. If you have problem spots or continuous pain, you may need to go to a masseuse.

Maximum User Weight

Some massage chairs have a maximum user weight. This will be a disadvantage for those who weigh more than the maximum and cannot use the chair.

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