Gift Ideas for a Pearl Anniversary

Updated April 17, 2017

If you have reached your 30th wedding anniversary, traditional gifts are pearls, hearkening back to the term "rare as a pearl" as many unions don't make it as long as 30 years. Traditionally, pearls are set in jewellery, however a wide range of options for pearl related gifts are available to today's celebrants. Saltwater and freshwater pearls are common, as are items made from, or inlaid with mother of pearl. You can also get creative and take a pearl-themed getaway for an anniversary weekend.


Pearl jewellery is a relatively easy choice for women, as pearls are seen as feminine. A huge range of pearl jewellery at various price points is available in department, jewellery and speciality stores. However, finding a pearl gift for a man can be difficult. Pearl tie tacks or cuff links can be elegant choices for men. Additionally, items inlaid with mother of pearl, such as belt buckles, keepsake boxes and tie clips can make good gifts for men.

Gifts for the Home

If you are looking for a gift for interior decor, look for items inlaid with mother of pearl, such as bowls and vases. Inlaid items are often referred to as cloisonné, and can come in a wide range of products. Flatware for the table can have mother of pearl inlays in both serving dishes and on the handles of utensils. Picture frames, side tables and other small pieces of furniture can also be found with inlays of various sorts. For game lovers, look for mother of pearl chess, checker or backgammon sets.

Vacations and Destinations

Since many pearls come from the ocean, what better way to celebrate the pearl anniversary with a trip to the beach? To go the extra mile, try going to a beach that's famous for pearl diving, such as Japan, the Philippines, Australia and other Pacific islands. Additionally, freshwater pearls are gathered from numerous rivers and lakes in the United States, and a trip to the waterfront at one of these locations could be a lovely anniversary vacation. If that's beyond your budget, try looking for restaurants or hotels in your area with pearl in their names have a quick getaway or anniversary date night.

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