Canon 3-D Paper Projects

Written by kirsten anderberg | 13/05/2017
Canon 3-D Paper Projects
Learn to make homemade toys by folding paper into shapes with Canon's 3-D paper project templates. (paper toy plane_1 image by ivan gusev from

Canon Papers offers 3-D paper projects free online. Download the templates, print on paper, then cut and glue to make an assortment of items ranging from replicas of famous places to toys you can make at home. A goldmine of projects and crafts items can be made from these templates, including holiday items, party decorations, science projects including sundials and earthquake models, and miniature towns.

Build 3-D Paper Replicas of Famous Landmarks

Canon 3-D Paper Projects
Build a 3-D replica of the Egyptian Sphinx using Canon downloadable templates. (Sphinx image by Pete Blackman from

Download patterns for 3-D paper buildings and towns on the Canon website. You can make a Bavarian village with replicas of wooden houses and a labyrinth of alleys, or build a Japanese town with buildings of thatched, sloping roofs. You can build a Japanese castle with a pagoda roof, or replicas of mud brick tower houses from Yemen. A wonderful feature of all of these miniature town patterns is they make town buildings that nest into each other like Russian nesting dolls. You can also build 3-D copies of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Egyptian Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty and other famous global landmarks by using Canon 3-D paper templates.

Create Your Own 3-D Paper Town

Canon 3-D Paper Projects
Build your own 3-D paper town, including houses, freeways, fire stations and a carousel. (old town image by Tom Oliveira from

Build your own town with Canon's Craftown templates. Download and print out paper patterns for everything from train tracks to freeways to hospitals, houses and amusement park rides. Craftown offers 50 different patterns for 3-D paper objects, including buses, fire trucks, a space shuttle launch, a passenger boat, a Ferris wheel, and a jetliner. A printer, some paper, scissors and glue are all that are needed to create new 3-D paper towns with these templates.

3-D Paper Projects: Science, Toys, Vehicles and Holidays

Canon 3-D Paper Projects
Make your own Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls out of paper. (Russian babushka dolls image by Adrian stones from

Make your own 3-D maze out of colourful paper and a bead or pebble. Scissors, glue, a ruler, a bead or pebble, a ballpoint pen with the ink taken out, and different coloured paper are the tools needed to create this maze. Many different paper folds of different colours are glued together to create an obstacle course for the bead, which even includes little windmills that must be navigated to reach the finish line. This maze has 76 parts, and comes with 21 pages of pattern pieces to be printed out on coloured paper, and two pages of instructions, which can also be downloaded from the Canon website.

Canon offers 39 patterns for 3-D paper projects that pertain to science, such as globes, sundials and dinosaurs. They offer 128 patterns for 3-D paper toys, including tops, puppet shows, a chess game, and Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls. You can also download 32 vehicle templates which include planes, boats, trains and cars. Canon's 101 Parties and Events templates include fun projects for holidays and parties, such as Chinese lanterns, international flags, banners, masks, and miniature Christmas trees.

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