1950s Style Bedrooms

Updated November 21, 2016

A 1950s style bedroom is truly reminiscent of a time that holds precious memories to many people. This was a era when classic rock bands, diners and poodle skirts were common favourites. This type of bedroom features classic memorabilia, 1950s art and a few antiques. Some modern furniture styles even blend well with this type of room.

Classic Hollywood

A classic Hollywood 1950s room features touches of elegance from some of your favourite 1950s stars. You can focus on decorating with one particular celebrity, such as Marilyn Monroe, or you can decorate with several stars in mind. Paint one accent wall deep burgundy or forest green, depending on the colours you like. Leave the other walls white. The bed goes up against the accent wall. Hang up framed photos of your favourite 1950s stars. Buy old-fashioned lamps to go on both end tables. Dark or cheery wood furniture goes well in this room, along with a canopy bed with soft white fabric. Place dried roses in a vase on the dresser, and add other romantic touches, such as a handheld mirror on the nightstand or other antiques.

Old-fashioned Disney

An old-fashioned Disney 1950s room captures the essence of some of your favourite Disney characters from this time. Paint the walls light yellow, baby blue or other cheerful colours. Install shelves with Disney cartoon antiques, and hang of framed photos of characters. You can feature one particular cartoon, like Mikey Mouse, or decorate with several different characters in mind. This type of room can also feature memorabilia from Walt Disney, 1950s clocks and other antiques.

1950s Diner Style Room

A 1950s diner style bedroom mimics the actual restaurants seen during this time. If your budget allows, buy a jukebox to place in the room. However, other alternatives include a framed picture of a jukebox or other diner-themed memorabilia, such as ice cream shakes or a classic 1950s diner scene. Bring in antiques that remind you of a 50s diner, such as a small old-fashioned ice cream machine that you can put on the dresser. Diners often featured black and white checkerboard floors, but this is not practical for a bedroom unless your budget allows. Instead you can also decorate with a lot of black, white and red accents like white bedding with red trim. These three colours were commonly seen in 1950s diner decor. You can also bring in other memorabilia from the 50s to tie everything together.

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