Gifts for a Fire Fighter

Updated April 17, 2017

There are several gifts made just for firefighters. Men and women firefighters are as unique as the profession-specific gifts. From small gifts, such as custom lighters to large, expensive gifts such as firefighter figurines, you can find special gifts online to thank a firefighter for his service to the community.

Mini Clock

The firefighter's equipment mini clock is suitable for the small amount of personal space at a fire station. The silver clock includes everyday firefighter gear including a fire hydrant, hose and ladder.

Emblem Lighter

The firefighter's emblem lighter can be engraved on the back. Engraving adds a personal touch to lighters, keepsakes that last for many years.

Engraved Lamp

The bravery honour firefighter lamp features a black, felt shade and detailed graphics of a Maltese cross with a pair of axes on the lamp stand. The lamp uses standard light bulbs, which must be purchased separately. The lamp stands at 18 inches tall.


The stoneware, fire chief's steamer stein has a scene of a fire brigade performing their duties that dates back to the late 1800s. The hand painted scene wraps around the stein. The pewter lid features a fire engine and a fire brigade badge. The 10-inch-tall stein holds approximately 473ml. of liquid. Although steins were originally used as beer mugs, most are used for display purposes only.

Sports Bottle

The eco-friendly water bottle is made from reusable aluminium. The bottle is free from BPA and odour resistant. The lid has a carabiner clip for easy carrying. The firefighter sports bottle holds 1,005ml. of liquid and comes complete with a firefighter emblem.

Female Figurine

The brave female firefighter figurine has an antique bronze cast finish and is set onto a wood base. The female firefighter statue holds a helmet and features details from top to bottom. The figurine stands about 12 inches tall.

Pendant and Chain

The silver pendant has a Maltese cross with a pair of axes. The "star of life" sits in the centre of the pendant. Also included is a 20-inch sterling silver chain. Both the pendant and chain come in a lined gift box.

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