Ideas for a 13th Birthday

Updated March 29, 2017

Although not a traditional milestone birthday, turning 13 does mark the move into the teenage years. Deciding how to celebrate a 13th birthday can be difficult, although your child is still young he has grown out of the cake and ice cream parties he used to have. A good 13th birthday involves finding the balance where your child feels independent but what he is doing is still safe.

Makeover Party

For a girl turning 13, have a makeover party. Provide face masks and nail polish so the girls can experiment with new products. Let her choose which friends to invite over and provide plenty of snacks. She may wish to put on her favourite movie while the girls paint their nails or listen to her favourite music. A makeover party can just be for the evening or you can turn it into a slumber party.

Video Game Tournament

Many teenage boys enjoy playing computer and video games, so use it as a theme for his party. Create a video game tournament by getting the boys to all play against each other until you have the ultimate winner. Provide snacks such as pizzas and french fries as all that game playing will make them hungry. Video game usage is often limited so a night dedicated to playing against his friends will make for a fun birthday treat.

Camp Out

Arrange a camp out in the back garden for a fun birthday that both boys and girls will enjoy. Get them to help with pitching the tents and ask their friends to bring over a sleeping bag. Make a little camp fire so that they can sit around it to keep warm and toast marshmallows. They will feel independent, but you feel assured they are safe since they are not far away.

Fun Day

A day at the bowling alley, movies or amusement park are all fun ways to spend a 13th birthday. Arrange to drop off the teenagers and pick them up at the end of the day. Many leisure venues do group discounts and birthday deals so check before visiting. Give them a picnic to take if the weather is nice or some money to get lunch.

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