Enclosed carport ideas

Written by jennifer mullett | 13/05/2017
Enclosed carport ideas
An enclosed carport will help protect your vehicle. (a car in a car show image by Gary from Fotolia.com)

Decisions regarding your enclosed carport should be made by taking two things into consideration: function and style. Whether you choose something basic and impermanent or something you will attach to your house, consider these elements to ensure the enclosure will add to the overall appeal of your home. Enclosures can be built with a plan or purchased as a kit for relatively easy installation.

Freestanding Metal

Freestanding enclosures come in a variety of formats to suit your carport needs. First you must decide how many cars you need to build for. Metal frames are a popular option with many features. The two main styles have metal frames but are covered either with metal or cloth. Carports come in a variety of lengths and widths. Steel-covered carports come with options for paint choices. Cloth-covered carports come with polythene covers that are waterproof and UV-resistant and may have a colour option, depending on the manufacturer. Choose from round-top or peak-style enclosures built to shed all types of weather.


Attached carports can be built attached to your home or garage. Whether you choose to build your garage with an enclosed carport or build the carport at a later date, many options are available. If you wish to build it yourself, you can purchase a plan online or find one locally. Otherwise, you can hire a contractor. One idea is to build a barn-style carport and attach it to your existing garage. Replicate architectural features from your garage or your home to create a unified look. Another idea, no matter the style, is to paint the enclosure the same colour as your house, garage door or deck.

Freestanding Wood

Another option is to build a freestanding wooden carport. It can create an unusual focal point for your property. One idea is to create an arbor-style enclosure. Grow flowering vines on the structure to soften the lines and enhance the overall visual appeal of the carport. Another idea is to create a theme. For instance, if you have a Japanese garden, incorporate your plans for the enclosed carport to be part of this design. For a double-enclosed carport, create a divider and build a koi pond in front of it to divide the two separate spaces. Another idea is to model the enclosure after your garage; leave beams exposed but shingle the roof with the same shingles used for your garage.

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