Seaside Theme Ideas

Written by yvonne van damme | 13/05/2017
Seaside Theme Ideas
Use shells to decorate the tables at a seaside-themed party. (seashells party image by Jeanne Hatch from

Theme parties are fun to plan and attend. Whether the occasion is a birthday or bridal party, a seaside theme creates a playful atmosphere. A seaside beach party should include elements that represent the water, sun and the relaxed feeling of a relaxing vacation. Create a seaside atmosphere even without being anywhere near a beach.


Create your own centrepieces for the tables at the party. Reflect the seaside theme by use candles and seashells. In the centre of the tables, place large white pillar candles on silver platters. Around the candles, place beach sand and seashells. If using certain colours at the party, choose candles or seashells in those colours.


Add beach-themed decorations and items to the celebration. Cover the tables with tablecloths and napkins. Choose table coverings with images of hula dancers or surfboards on them. Add miscellaneous decorations, such as yellow and blue streamers and banners, leis and beach pails. Set-up a tiki bar lounge area for guests to hang out.


The food at a seaside-themed party does not have to be fancy. Serve fare such as pizza or hamburgers. A creative food idea is to serve miniature hamburgers in martini glasses. Add ketchup and french fries to the martini glass as well. Shrimp poppers or shrimp on skewers are options for appetizers.


Serve drinks that are reminiscent of the seaside. The type of drinks that should be served depends on whether the party is for children or adults. If the party involves children, rent a snow cone machine. Make punch that contains juice mixed with a carbonated beverage in a large punch bowl. If you are serving alcoholic beverages for adults, rent a daiquiri machine. Another option is to serve margaritas in colourful glasses with plastic umbrellas in them.

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