Information About Rainforest Animals & Plants

Written by kevin lee
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Information About Rainforest Animals & Plants
Many rainforest plants and animals live outside in the Amazon. (Canada map image by Vladislav Gajic from

Canada and Alaska have rainforests. You may find this surprising if you associate the word "tropical" with "rain forest." Rainforests and the life forms that live in them exist all over the world. Rainforests only cover 2 per cent of the planet, but 50 per cent of the Earth's animals and plants call the rainforests home.

Poison Dart Frog

A small Colombian rainforest is home to one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. A single two-inch golden poison dart frog can kill 10 men with its deadly venom. Some animals camouflage themselves for protection. The golden poison dart frog does the opposite. It showcases its bright, ostentatious colour to ward away predators. The frog survives on an insect diet. National Geographic points out that this animal is on the international endangered list.


Its name means "earth pig," but much of the world knows it as the aardvark. With its long snout, the aardvark's appearance resembles that of a hairless South African anteater. The aardvark finds sustenance in the rainforest where there is plenty of water and an abundant supply of termites to feast on. Thick claws give the animal powerful tools for digging, but it prefers to move to softer soil when it can find it.

Rafflesia arnoldi

If you travel to the rainforests of Indonesia, you will discover a remarkable life form. The rare Rafflesia arnoldi flower has the largest blooms of any flower in the world. It can weigh up to 6.8kg. and reach 3 feet in diameter. It survives as a parasite by attaching to other plants in the rainforest that provide it food and water. A repulsive odour that occurs while blooming attracts insects that help pollinate the plant.


In tropical rainforests, the temperature is warm all year. You will find more types of trees in a tropical rainforest than any place on Earth. Trees in tropical rainforests share similar characteristics. Bark, for example, is thin on most trees. They do not need thick bark since cold weather does not threaten them. Branches usually appear towards the tops of the trees. With limited sunlight making it to the forest floor, branch growth would be difficult at the lower levels.

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