Mitsubishi Tractor Specs

Updated November 21, 2016

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Company Limited was founded in February of 1980. It manufactures and sells agriculture related machinery such as power tillers, planters, combine harvesters, binders and tractors. The company produces a wide variety of tractors, ranging from the MT 28 model to the MT 3000, that are available with different levels of power. The MT28 to MT36 models share common specifications, as do the MT1800 and MT 1800HST, as well as the MT 2000 to MT 3500 models.

MT 28 and MT 36

The MT 28 and MT 36 both have the model variations 28H and 36H. All four models have a four-cycle, water-cooled diesel S3L2 engine with three cylinders. The power take-off horsepower is 20 and 19.5 for the MT 28 and 28H. Take-off is 28 and 27.5 horsepower for the MT 36 and 36H. The displacement is 1,318cc for the MT 28 models and 1,662cc for the MT 36 models.

The fuel capacity is 24.5 litres with an I.D.I injection type, key engine start and wet disc brakes for each 28 and 36 model. The MT 28 and MT 36 have gear transmissions while the 28H and 36H have HST transmissions. The hydraulics for each tractor have standard position control and the hydrostatic power steering is also identical.

MT 1800 and MT 1800HST

The Mitsubishi MT 1800 and 1800HST have an 18-horsepower, water-cooled diesel engine with three cylinders, 952cc displacement and 2,600 rated rpm. Power take-off horsepower of the 1800 is 16; for the 1800HST it is 13.5 horsepower. Both models have a fuel capacity of 13 litres, I.D.I injection type and key engine shut-off. The MT 1800 model has a gear transmission while the 1800HST has an HST transmission. Both models have wet disc brakes.

These tractors share hydraulics with standard position control, a 17.1 litre per minute pump capacity and a Category 1 hitch. The power take-off type for the MT 1800 is trans and for the MT 1800HST is live. These models share identical dimensions. The wheelbase measures 1,450mm, the width 1,055mm, the length 2,570mm and the height 2,300mm. The ground clearance and weight of the MT 1800 is 290mm and 680kg; for the MT 1800HST ground clearance is 310mm and weight is 730kg.

MT 2000, MT 2600, MT 3000, MT 3500

These Mitsubishi tractor models share a three-cylinder, diesel water-cooled engine. The horsepower is dependent upon the model: 20hp for the 2000, 26hp for the 2600, 30hp for the 3000 and 35hp for the 3500. The displacement ranges from 1,125cc to 1,496cc, from the smallest to largest model. Each one is rated at 2,500rpm aside from the MT 2600, which has 2, 600.

The fuel capacity of the MT 2000 is 20 litres and it increases to 30 litres for the MT 2600, MT 3000 and MT 3500. Each model has an I.D.I injection type, with the MT 3500 having an I.D.I Turbo. Each has a key engine shut-off.

The transmission options are gear or HST and, aside from the MT 2000 which has dry shoe brakes, the remaining models have wet disc brakes. Each tractor has standard position control transmission with optional draft control, live power take-off, tilt steering wheels with three positions and category 1 hitch types.

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