Ideas for Dressing Up as a Policewoman

Written by bridgett michele lawrence | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Dressing Up as a Policewoman
Dressing like a policewoman can be fun and sexy. (Rauchender Colt image by Angelika Bentin from

Playing dress-up is fun for children and adults. Dressing up is a staple of Halloween, but it's also utilised in costume parties, plays or to spice things up in the bedroom. A popular costume is that of the policewoman. You can use items from your own wardrobe to create this look.

The Beat Cop

Create this simple look by wearing a pair of navy blue or black slacks, black belt and a button-down blue shirt. Wear navy blue or black boots or loafer shoes and a navy blue or black blazer. To add authenticity, buy a badge, toy gun and toy baton and you'll be ready to walk your beat in no time.

The Naughty Traffic Cop

Spice up the traditional policewoman uniform by adding a sexy flare. Begin with a pair of fishnet stockings. Over those, wear a short, black miniskirt or short shorts. Wear a button-down blue shirt, but rather than buttoning it all the way, leave a few buttons open at the top and bottom. Tie the bottom of the shirt under your chest to reveal your midriff. Accentuate your legs with sexy, black thigh-high boots or stiletto heels. Add shades, a policewoman's cap and a notepad filled with naughty citations for the final touch.

The Sexy Detective

Create this straight-from-"Law and Order" look with a few pieces you probably already have in your closet. Wear a pair of form-fitting grey, black or navy blue trousers. Couple that with a form fitting V-neck sweater revealing just enough cleavage to stop criminals in their tracks. Finish this outfit with heels or boots. Add a holster, badge and toy gun, and you will be ready to solve the case.

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