Wall Feature Fireplace Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Make your fireplace and surrounding wall space an attractive focal feature of your room. Take a traditional approach in your design with mounted art above the hearth, or opt for a more daring look with a statement design such as floor-to-ceiling tile or natural stone. To establish your fireplace as a room feature, utilise the surrounding space both horizontally and vertically.


To create a feature out of your fireplace while maintaining a traditional look in your home concentrate not only on what to mount above the mantel but the mantel itself. Carefully selected materials can become a feature element in your space in and of themselves. For a rustic look consider using salvaged wood for the mantel. Incorporate old sleepers or barn support beams customised to fit your space and decor. A handcrafted design in copper or steel would complement a contemporary design aesthetic and also add texture to your space. To finish the wall feature hang a large-scale art print or attractively framed mirror over the mantel.


Create a wall feature fireplace with a nontraditional twist to add interest to your space. A portable fireplace can be used to add the serenity of fire to any room in your home. Most portable models are fuelled by Ethanol, requiring no chimney and making them convenient and low maintenance options. Wall units can be hung from stud frames for an instant wall feature fireplace. Sizes range from as small as a foot to more substantial units in the 5-foot range. For extra punch seek out unique flame styles and fireplace shapes, including circular hearths for a futuristic look.

Vertical Statement

For a full wall feature fireplace design take advantage of vertical space. Standard height rooms can appear larger with the right design choice, however, if possible heighten ceilings to utilise abandoned crawl spaces or unused attics. The additional height will help create emphasis. To create a statement piece extend the fireplace surround from floor to ceiling. Natural stone finishes look elegant and dramatic and will add an organic touch to your space.

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