Personalized Mechanic Gifts

Written by brittiany cahoon | 13/05/2017
Personalized Mechanic Gifts
Personalised, car-themed items make great gifts for the mechanic in your family. (tool bag and tools 1 image by Warren Millar from

You need the perfect gift idea for your mechanic for Christmas, a birthday, a promotion or whatever the occasion may be, but you may not be sure what to buy. There are several gifts that can be personalised for your mechanic to make him feel appreciated. Several things with a mechanic theme can be personalised, like clocks, T-shirts and even coaster sets.

Things You Can Wear

Websites like offer T-shirts featuring your mechanic's garage. These T-shirts come in black or white and feature classic cars. You can also find hats with the same design as the T-shirt if your mechanic prefers hats. You can also find T-shirts at featuring mechanic tools and the phrase "It's all about Mechanics." This website also offers mechanic belt buckles.

Things to Display

A common gift for mechanics is a metal sign or plaque with the name of their garage or shop on it. You can also find personalised mechanic clocks to put up in a mechanic shop. Posters, certificates and even framed industrial lettering can be personalised with your mechanic's name.

Miscellaneous Shop Items

Personalised doormats are available for purchase. Buy a doormat that features your mechanic's "Fix-It Shop" or "Garage." Another personalised gift for your mechanic's office is a personalised business card holder with the phrase "#1 Mechanic." Nothing is more personal than a brand-new set of tools engraved with your mechanic's name, shop name or logo.

Knick Knacks

Engraved tire key chains or coasters can be a great addition to your mechanic's shop. Banks, tape dispensers, coffee mugs, ornaments and alarm clocks created with a mechanic theme and engraved with your mechanic's name are gifts that a mechanic will enjoy having around the office.

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