Cereals Containing Psyllium

Updated March 23, 2017

Psyllium is a grain whose husks provide a high concentration of soluble fibre and make an excellent laxative. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that consuming 3g to 12g of soluble fibre from psyllium husks a day may reduce the risk of heart disease in conjunction with a healthy diet. Due to the FDA claim, the two largest cereal manufacturers, Kellogg's and General Mills, started producing psyllium cereals in 1989.


Kellogg's produces Guardian Original cereal for distribution exclusively in Canada. Guardian cereal takes the shape of round and heart-shaped crisps that predominately contain whole oat flour, sugar and whole wheat flour, with psyllium seed husk as the fourth ingredient. Kellogg's sells Guardian cereal in boxes weighing either 305g or 700g. According to the company, this cereal contains 110 calories and 24% of daily recommended fibre intake in a single serving.

Multigrain Os

For breakfast eaters who cannot tolerate gluten, wheat, dairy, egg or yeast in their diet, Orgran Multigrain O's with quinoa offers an attractive alternative. This cereal predominately contains brown rice and yellow pea with no added sugar but also includes 2% psyllium. A single serving of this psyllium cereal contains only 95 calories and provides 2g of dietary fibre. As of 2010, Orgran produces and distributes Multigrain Os exclusively in Australia.

Bran Buds

Kellogg's first foray into the psyllium cereal market was All-Bran Bran Buds, which is still available in grocery stores as of November 2010. The first three ingredients in this cereal are wheat bran, sugar and psyllium seed husk. According to Kellogg's, a single 31.2gr. serving contains 51% per cent of the daily recommended dietary fibre intake for humans as well as only

1g of fat and 70 calories without milk. One half cup of fatfree milk adds 40 calories per serving.


Nature's Path is the largest producer of organic cereal brands in North America. Nature's Path Organic distributes SmartBran, a cereal available in organic food stores and large chain supermarkets. SmartBran cereal contains 13g of dietary fibre per serving, which satisfies 52% of recommended dietary intake. SmartBran provides fibre through a combination of psyllium husks, oat bran and wheat bran. The cereal takes the form of toasted pellets and contains sugar cane juice as a sweetener. A total serving of this cereal (2/3 of a cup) contains 90 calories without milk or 130 calories with 125ml of skimmed milk.

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