Daewoo Fridge-Freezer Options

Updated March 24, 2017

Daewoo's freezer range includes both side-by-side fridge-freezers and combination units. The Daewoo fridge-freezers carry an "A" energy rating and--as they are manufactured with a single thermostat--are designed to operate in a heated space and should not have to function in a garage or similar, unheated outdoor room. Daewoo's fridge-freezers incorporate anti-spill shelves and are frost-free units.

Daewoo ERF415MB Fridge Freezer

This fridge-freezer has a capacity of 97-gallons, which offers generous storage space for both frozen and fresh foods. The 67-gallon fridge component offers five anti-spill and adjustable shelves, all manufactured from safety glass. An egg rack and two salad crisper drawers are incorporated, as is a dairy compartment. More than 4.99 Kilogram of food can be frozen per 24 hours in the 30-gallon freezer. The Daewoo ERF415MB Fridge Freezer is a frost-free unit, which prevents the build-up of ice. This fridge-freezer is not manufactured to function in an unheated space and should not be utilised in a garage. The ERF415MB Fridge Freezer has been designed with a single thermostat.

Daewoo ERF336MB Fridge Freezer

This fridge-freezer, which is available in a dark black exterior, provides a huge fridge space of 55 gallons. The Daewoo ERF336MB Fridge Freezer has three adjustable safety glass shelves and incorporates Daewoo's frost-free technology to reduce the build-up of frost. As with all of Daewoo's fridge-freezers, this model has been designed for inside use and should not be operated in a garage or out building unless it is heated. The Daewoo ERF336MB Fridge Freezer has a single thermostat.

Daewoo FRSU20IAI American Style Fridge Freezer

This large fridge-freezer offers a generous 150-gallon capacity. The Daewoo FRSU20IAI American Style Fridge Freezer comes out with both a dairy and a chilled room and a digital LCD control panel. This freezer, manufactured in sleek silver, has spill-proof adjustable shelves made from safety glass and incorporates an auto defrost fridge. The Daewoo FRSU20IAI American Style Fridge Freezer is a low-noise and energy-efficient unit that carries an "A" energy rating.

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