Lawn edging machines

Written by misty faucheux | 13/05/2017
Lawn edging machines
Having the right machine makes it easier to edge your lawn. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Lawn edging involves creating a smooth look where your lawn meets your driveway, pathway or garden bed. While you can do this by hand, it's easier to use machines to cut the grass in these areas. You can buy lawn-edging equipment at most home-improvement or hardware stores.

Weed Eater

If your edges look fine, then you may just want to trim the grass or weeds hanging over the side of your lawn. In that case, use a weed eater or string trimmer. This type of trimmer uses a rotating string to cut down the grass and weeds. Simply run the trimmer along the edge of your lawn. Generally, weed eaters have two handles, one in the back and one in the middle. The back handle is where you hold the weed eater, but the front handle helps you control it. This handle also reduces vibrations, increasing comfort and reducing user fatigue. Usually, weed eaters are battery-powered, using a rechargeable battery, and you often receive the charger with the weed eater kit. Electric, cordless weed eaters most often cost around £130. You can also buy corded string trimmers, which you plug into a wall outlet or extension cord; these generally cost about £32. Another option is gas-powered string trimmers, which have an internal combustion engine that runs on gas. These usually cost £65 to £130.

Gas Edger

While a weed eater just cleans up your lawn's edges, an edger creates the edge. This machine is used along the area where your lawn meets the abutting area, such as the driveway, and it creates a small trench that separates the two. Generally, gas edgers range from handheld devices to machines that run on four wheels and look like small lawnmowers. For most home use, the handheld tool will work fine. This machine has two handles and a long shaft, at the end of which is one wheel on one side and a covered blade on the other. Roll the device along the lawn's edge, with the blade pointed toward the lawn, to form the trench. Generally, gas edgers cost £195 to £260.

Electric Edger

The electric edger does the same job as the gas edger, except that they're less expensive, generally at or around £65. These edgers run on battery power or plug into an electric outlet. If you have a large lawn, invest in the battery-powered type. These machines also have two handles and a long shaft ending in a blade and a wheel.

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