The Rav4 Battery Specifications

Updated April 17, 2017

A car battery is an essential component on your RAV4. When the engine is off, the battery powers various accessories such as the dome light and clock. When the engine is starting, the battery powers the starter motor and provides current for the ignition system. When the engine is running, the battery can be used when the electrical load requirements exceed the supply from the existing charging system. Without a battery, your RAV4 would cease to operate altogether.


The battery for the RAV4 is 7.68 inches wide, 5.16 inches deep, 7.13 inches high and weighs 10.5 Kilogram. It provides a nominal voltage of 12-volts with a capacity of 35 amp hours. This direct-fit battery, designed for RAV4 models from 1996 to 2010, delivers a high output of voltage while being heat and vibration resistant. Because of its non-spill design, it's unlikely that you'll be exposed to battery acid.


Batteries that fit into the RAV4 are available in a variety of brands, and each manufacturer has its own warranty policy. Major brands offer batteries with one-year, three-year, seven-year and eight-year warranties, depending on the style. Warranties on batteries typically include labour and materials for the duration of the warranty period. Certain brands offer an extended warranty that typically covers the replacement cost of the battery but not the labour necessary to install the battery.


Batteries are rated to last either three or five years, depending on the brand and style you purchase. Certain driving behaviours, such as frequent short trips, multiple starting cycles and exposure to extreme temperatures, can shorten the life of your battery dramatically.

When replacing the battery in your RAV4, check the engine's charging system after installation to ensure that everything is working properly.

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