Teen room ideas for small rooms

Updated February 21, 2017

Teens will appreciate have their own bedroom even if it's a small one. Make up for having a small space with designs that will make the room look larger while still keeping your teen's style in mind. Simple design tricks can make a small room look spacious. Keep these tricks in mind and you'll be sure to provide your teen with a stylish yet functional bedroom.


Make a small bedroom appear larger by painting the walls with light colours, such as pink, sky blue, pale yellow or pale green. For something a little funkier, paint horizontal stripes in light or bold colours, such as blue or red, to make the room appear larger. Give a room with a low ceiling more height by painting horizontal stripes. Try painting the entire room white or beige and painting one wall a bright colour, such as aqua, pink or orange, and make that the focal point of the room.

Furniture and Accessories

Create more space in a small bedroom by choosing furniture that mounts on the wall. Instead of having a large TV stand, attached the television to the wall. Bedside tables can take up a lot of space; install a wall-mounted shelf instead to display trophies, books and picture frames. Wall sconces can provide light instead of table lamps. Something that serves a dual purpose, such as a storage ottoman, is ideal to hold a teen's belongings. Teens also may find it cool to have a murphy bed in a bedroom instead of a traditional bed, which saves lots of space.


Bedding can enhance the illusion of making your teen's bedroom look larger. Choose bedding in cool colours, such as white, cream, light pink, lilac or baby blue. Denim bedding is one cool choice for a teen's bedroom and goes with just about any design. Printed bedding works in a small space as long as you choose smaller prints, such as small flowers or small polka dots and stripes, instead of large bold patterns.

Window Treatments

A small bedroom should still look pulled together, and choosing the right window treatments can help to achieve this. Try to match the window treatments with the bedding. Like the bedding, avoid window treatments with large, busy patterns. Keep the window treatments clean and simple by choosing roman blinds, which come in a wide range of colours and stripes. Window treatments in the same shade or close to the same shade as the walls also help to make the room appear larger, giving the appearance of one continuous design around the room.

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