Ideas on Preschool Birthday Boards

Updated July 20, 2017

Birthdays are an exciting time for preschoolers. Children feel valued when their birthdays are acknowledged and celebrated at school. One way to do this is by creating a birthday notice board. Check with the children's parents to make sure everyone in your class celebrates birthdays; some parents prohibit their children from celebrating birthdays for religious reasons.

Student Focus

Make an "All About Me" notice board for the birthday boy or girl. Post a current picture of the child, a baby picture and his date of birth. Include fun facts about the student, such as his favourite food, colour, book and activity, the types and names of his pets and the number and names of his siblings. Use birthday wrapping paper for the background. Read the information to the class on the child's birthday.

Seasonal Focus

Design a notice board for the season. Cut out symbols appropriate to the season, such as flowers for spring, leaves for autumn, snowflakes for winter and sand shovels for summer. Inside each symbol, post a picture and the birth date of each child who has a birthday during the season. Arrange the symbols on the notice board.

Yearly Focus

Create a permanent birthday notice board design using birthday symbols containing a picture of each child with his birth date. Decorate the board like a birthday cake and use a candle to display each child's information. Use birthday wrapping paper for the background and balloons for each child's information. Use a neutral background and birthday presents for the information. Show the class the child's picture on his birthday.

Ready-to-Print Idea

Print out's permanent birthday notice board idea, which features pictures of cakes containing the name of each month and candles for writing each student's name and birth date. Cover the notice board with coloured paper. Arrange the cakes on the notice board. On top of each month's cake, place a candle for each student whose birthday is in that month.

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