Decorative bottle ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Turn old glass or recycled bottles into decorative home decor. From wine bottles to recycled soda bottles, use your imagination to create bottle decorations for your home. Make a quick trip to your local retail and craft store to get all you need to show your artistic ability by creating a few bottle decorations.

Grapes Wine Bottle

Create a wine bottle decoration for your home using an empty wine bottle with a cork, purple glass marbles, nail polish remover, paint or light green tissue paper, a hot glue gun and craft wire. Clean the bottle using soap and water, and use the nail polish remover to remove the label. You can paint the bottle or stuff it with light green tissue paper. Put the cork in the bottle. Use the hot glue gun to glue the purple marbles to the front of the bottle like a bunch of grapes. Wrap the craft wire around a pencil to make it curly, and glue to the grapes as the stem. For more decoration, you can hot glue a marble to the cork and use more craft wire to wrap around the top of the bottle.

Decorative Bath Bottles

Make decorative bath bottles for your bathroom using glass jars with lids, bath salts, bubble bath, lotion, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and paint sealer. Paint the outside of the bottle to match your bathroom decor. You can use stencils to paint items on the bottles if you need to. Allow the jars to dry, and fill them with bath salts, bubble bath and lotion. Tie a ribbon and bow around each bottle neck for added decoration. Display the bottles in your bathroom or on the side of your bathtub. These bottles also make ideal homemade gifts.

Soda Bottles

Use a recycled two-liter soda bottle, nail polish remover, artificial flowers, polystyrene disk, fake moss, small artificial bird, scissors, circle of wood, twine and artificial butterfly. Clean the soda bottle with nail polish remover, soap and water. After the bottle dries, cut the bottle below the neck all the way around. You will not need the neck of the bottle. Take the polystyrene foam, and cut it to fit in the hole of the bottle. Hot glue the artificial bird, butterfly, moss and bird nest to the polystyrene foam. Do not create the arrangement too high where it will not fit back in the bottle. Slide the arrangement back into the bottle and glue it in the bottom. Hot glue the circle wood piece to the bottom of the bottle so the edge is slightly hanging out from the sides. Take more of the fake moss and glue it around the base of the bottle to cover the polystyrene foam. Tie twine to the top of the bottle for hanging. Optional decorations include gluing artificial flowers and ribbon to the outside of the bottle.

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