Sony STR-DB 900 Specifications

Updated July 20, 2017

The Sony STR-DB900 is a discontinued Sony stereo receiver. Though it is discontinued, it can still be purchased from third-party merchants. The STR-DB900 is a part of over 20 different discontinued Sony stereo receivers. It is a part of Sony's slim QS range, and boasts a host of features for those in the market for a stereo receiver.


The STR-DB900 offers numerous sound decoders which allow for authentic sound reproduction. These decoders include: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic 2, DTS and DTS-ES. In addition to this, the DB900 has DCS capabilities, or Digital Cinema Sound. The DB900 also has a 32-bit digital sound processor.


The DB900 consumes 120 watts of power in each of its configurations, including surround mode and stereo. When the DB900 is on standby, it consumes 4 watts. The necessary output needed to power this model is 230 volts, or 50/70 hertz.

Inputs and Outputs

The DB900 has several different input and output options. For audio, the DB900 has one audio input and one audio output. For both audio and video, the DB900 has two AV inputs and one AV output. This stereo receiver also offers compatibility with digital inputs, allowing for four digital inputs and one digital output multichannel in.

External Specifications

The STR-DB900 has a depth of 400 millimetres, and a height of 85 millimetres. It is 430 millimetres wide, and weighs 6.2 kilograms.

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