Yamaha XT350 Specs

An off-road motorcycle that lasted from 1986 until 2000, Yamaha engineered the XT350 to be able to handle both trails and roads. In its final year, the bike received an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on ratings website, with most reviewers praising the bike for its maneuverability while noting its need for regular repairs. The bike came in two trims, the M and MC, in 2000, though they shared the same engine, systems and other specifications.


The 2000 XT350 featured the same engineering specs as the previous 10 models, with a four-stroke, forward-inclined single cylinder engine with a double-overhead camshaft configuration. It possessed a displacement of 21.11 cubic inches, a bore and stroke of 3.39 by 2.35 inches, and a compression ratio of 9 to 1.


Equipped with an air-cooling system and a wet-sump lubricator, the XT350 also featured a kick starter, a Teikei carburettor, and a wet, multiple-disc clutch. The six-speed, constant mesh transmission had a spur gear primary reduction system and a chain drive secondary system. It was operated by the driver's left foot.

Chassis and Suspension

Built on a Diamond-type frame, the 2000 XT350 possessed a caster angle of 27.17 degrees and a trail of 4.21 inches. For the front suspension, the bike came with a telescopic fork system. In the rear, it featured a swingarm design. Both front and back featured coil spring shock absorbers, though it was a standard oil-damper in the front and a gas-oil damper in the rear.

Brakes and Wheels

Single disc brakes came equipped on the front of the XT350, operated by the driver's right hand. The driver could also control rear disc brakes with her right foot. The XT350 took spoke wheels in both front and rear, 1.60 inches by 21 inches in front, and 2.15 inches by 18 inches in the rear. Tube tires also came equipped in front and back, size 3.00-21 51P and 110/80 18 58P respectively.


While both the M and MC trims measured 88.2 inches by 34.1 inches by 46.7 inches, each had a slightly different weight. With fuel, the XT350M weighed about 130kg., while the XT350MC weighed 131kg. Both boasted a seat height of 33.7 inches and a wheelbase of 55.9 inches, and needed at least 82.7 inches to turn. A relatively large ground clearance of 10.8 inches helped the bike manage on bumpy trails and courses. Additionally, the bike held 3.2 gallons of fuel in its main tank, and had a half-gallon reserve tank.

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