Lounge room decoration ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A lounge is a room in your home built for relaxation. You may use your lounge for entertaining or for a quiet night curled up with a book. For a calming lounge, choose soothing colours, plush fabrics and comfortable furniture, or select more lively colours for an energised space. Decorate around a central motif, like country cottage or modern, or pick a theme, like a particular decade or part of the world.


Picking out your furniture before you settle on colours will help guide your decorating. Choose pieces that are comfortable enough to sit in for extended periods. If you plan to entertain in your lounge, include plenty of places to sit that are close enough to engage in a group conversation. Mix and match seating styles with single chairs, a sofa and a loveseat. Include some large cushions for sitting on the floor and some stools for guests who like to perch.

Fabrics and Surfaces

Fill your lounge with a variety of fabrics and textures to liven up the space. A pillow in a bold print will call attention to a monochromatic sofa. Tables with glass tops will make a room feel larger without distracting from other design elements. A patterned rug in the middle of the space will provide a solid geometric grounding and will centre the room.

Go Retro

The retro lounge look from the 1960s and 1970s features shag carpet, bold prints and rich colours like orange, red and yellow. Switch on a retro lava lamp for gentle, warm lighting. Choosing an era will focus your design elements to help you achieve a consistent look. Decorate in a 1950s style with sea foam green, chrome and vintage metal advertising posters.


Lounge lighting should be versatile. Provide several different sorts of light, from standing lamps and desk lamps to overhead lights. Visit a thrift store for some inexpensive and quirky finds to serve as functional lighting and conversations pieces. Use Christmas lights for an informal, inexpensive and gentle illumination.

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