Kubota Engine Specs

Updated November 21, 2016

The Kubota Corporation was founded in Japan in 1890. Several locations were soon established in the United States, with the first tractor, the L200, being released in 1969. Following this, the Kubota Tractor Corporation began in 1972, releasing the first four-wheel drive tractor in 1974. The company went on to begin producing many models of tractors, mowers, utility vehicles and construction equipment.

Kubota BX Series

Kubota's BX series is a series of four subcompact tractors. The BX1860 tractor has an engine with a gross horsepower of 18 at 3,200rpm and a displacement of 43.9 cubic inches. The BX2360 and the BX25 models both have engines with a gross horsepower of 23 at 3,200rpm, which is more powerful than the previous model. They also have identical displacements at 54.8 cubic inches. The last model in this series, the BX2660, has the most powerful engine at 25.5 gross horsepower at 3,200rpm with a 61.1-cubic-inch displacement. The power take-off horsepower of the BX1860 is 13.7 and 19.5 for the BX2660. The power take-off horsepower of the BX25 and the BX2360 is 17.7.

Kubota M Series

The M series tractors are built for utility and agriculture. The MX4700 gear model and the MX4700 HST model have a V2403-M engine with 48.2 gross horsepower, 46 net horsepower and a 148.6-cubic-inch displacement. The gear model has a 39.5 power take-off horsepower, and the HST model has a 38 power take-off horsepower. The MX1500 also has two model options, the gear and the HST. These tractors have a more powerful V2403-M-T engine. The gross horsepower is 52.2 and the net horsepower is 50. The displacement is also 148.6 cubic inches. The gear and HST models have power take-off horsepowers of 44 and 42.5, respectively.

Kubota T Series

Kubota's T series comprises three lawn tractor models: the T1880, T2080 and T2380. Each model has an OHV, air-cooled gasoline engine--with the engine models being a GH450V, GH710V and GH720V, respectively. The gross horsepower of the T1880 tractor's engine, the GH450V, is 18, with a displacement of 32.6 cubic inches. The T2080 and T2380 tractor model engines have a gross horsepower of 20 and 23 respectively, with a shared displacement of 44.2 cubic inches. The engines of the T2080 and T2380 tractors are more powerful than that of the T1880.

Kubota U Series

The Kubota U series entails five zero-tail swing excavator models. The U17, the smallest model, has a 17-horsepower engine at 2,300rpm, with a 54.8-cubic-inch displacement and 2,310mm digging depth. The U25S excavator is slightly larger. It has a 20.9-horsepower engine at 2,400rpm, with a 68.5-cubic-inch displacement and a deeper digging depth at 2,810mm. The U35S2 model has an engine with 29.6 horsepower at 2,250rpm. This engine has a displacement of 100.5 cubic inches and a digging depth of 3,140mm. The U45S is even larger. The engine of this compact excavator model is 40.5 horsepower at 2,250rpm with a 134.1-cubic-inch displacement and a 3,600mm digging depth. The final model, the U55, is the largest Kubota zero-tail swing compact excavator. It has a 47.6-horsepower engine at 2,200rpm, with a 159.6-cubic-inch displacement and 3,615mm digging depth.

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