Party Themes & Ideas for a 19-Year-Old

Updated February 21, 2017

19-year-olds are just at the beginning of adulthood, and often have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Many are on their own for the first time, either in the workforce or enjoying their sophomore year of college. Whether a birthday celebration or just an informal gathering of friends, a party for a 19 year old should be a chance to cut loose and get creative and maybe even just a little wild.

ABC Party

The ABC or "anything but clothes" party is a fun and racy classic for 19-year old partygoers and is especially appropriate for a college environment. Everyone must arrive dressed in, well, anything but clothes. Cardboard shirts, duct tape vests, Potato sacks and other homemade costumes are allowed, as are beach towels, sheets and other non-clothing cloth items. Alternately, start dressed in normal clothes and have your friends build clothing out of cardboard, tape, plastic bags and other assorted odds and ends once they get there.

Gambling Party

Although 19-year old's are old enough to go to a casino on their own, a typical casino trip may stretch the budget of a 19-year old party goer. Save cash and keep things intimate with nickel, dime, quarter poker, blackjack and other card games at your house. Give the party some extra class by having everyone dress up in formal suits, tuxedos and formal dresses. Alternately, give the party a wild west theme. Have everyone dress up as cowboys, gunslingers and the like and hand out water pistols at the door. Play tense games of cards with one hand on your water pistol at cheap card tables. If you think the wrangler across from you is cheating, turn the table over and start shooting.

Blacklight Party

In many cities, there are few nightclubs that cater to19-year-olds. Use blacklights to give your house party a dance club ambience. Have your guests wear blacklight-active clothes such as white shirts, fluorescent head bands and other bright, colourful items. Supply guests with highlighters to write on their friends bodies and T-shirts. Guests can either choose to write messages or have backlight

fights, ambushing each other with flailing markers. Alternately, use brightly coloured face paint to give each other pretty decorations. Play techno or other dance music and add strobe lights, disco balls or other lighting effects to create a nightclub feel. For a more rambunctious party, put down mats and have a few rounds of blacklight wrestling. The light effects will add to the rough and tumble fun.

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