Flowers for a Pedestal

Updated November 22, 2016

Many occasions call for a floral arrangement on a pedestal, such as weddings, funerals, receptions and special events. The main flowers in a pedestal arrangement should be long stemmed and have large or abundant blossoms to be visually appealing and balance the size of the pedestal. Smaller flowers, greenery, and ornamental grasses are then added in a pedestal arrangement to fill in open areas and make the bouquet complete.


The long, sturdy stems of gladiolus are more suited for floral arrangements than left in the garden where, as the blossoms open, the long stem becomes top heavy and may bend. Gladiolus can be found in a wide range of colours, including blooms with bi-colouring or containing two colours. As a cut flower, the gladiolus will continue to open up the buds on the stem, making the flower a longer lasting bouquet flower than most. The symbolism of gladiolus is remembrance, honour and faithfulness; thus, the blooms are particularly ideal for pedestal arrangements used at weddings, funerals and anniversaries.


Elegant, with a long vase life, lilies are ideal for large pedestal floral arrangements. Like the gladiolus, the colours available for lilies are extensive, depending on the lily variety. Favourite lily varieties often found in pedestal bouquets are calla lilies, Peruvian, and Oriental lilies because of the long stems and classic appearance. Lilies are a common flower to include in funeral arrangements, symbolising sympathy and innocence after death.


Roses have long been a favourite for any type of floral arrangement, but because roses are known for long stems, they are frequently included in pedestal arrangements. A simple, inexpensive, yet elegant display can be made using only a few long-stemmed roses and greenery. The greenery will accent each rose when the roses are spaced within the arrangement. Roses can also blend and complement the addition of other flowers in a pedestal arrangement, like lilies, carnations and daisies.


Orchids, along with other long-stemmed tropical blooms, like bird of paradise and anthurium, are nice arrangements that are placed on a pedestal. Dendrobium and Vanda orchid flowers blend and complement other flower varieties in the arrangement while Oncidium and Cymbidium orchid stems are a good choice for an airy, simplistic pedestal arrangement with an Oriental Ikebana flair.

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