Oil filled heaters that are energy efficient

Written by jesse futch | 13/05/2017
Oil filled heaters that are energy efficient
Radiator heaters are a popular choice for heating small spaces. (white radiator image by Ekaterina Sidorenko from Fotolia.com)

Oil-filled heaters are a popular choice for heating single rooms or small spaces. It's important to ensure these heaters use as little electricity as possible, and are efficient in the use of what electricity they do consume. Energy efficiency is not a new concept, but is becoming a more popular one. Many home appliances have been notorious energy hogs for decades, but new breakthroughs in manufacturing and technology have allowed this to change.


Delonghi makes many of the industry's most sought after appliances, boasting unique designs and features, along with one of the industry's leading life expectancy rates among its products. The Delonghi TRD0715T is a great option for energy efficiency. The most efficient heaters are generally equipped with variable heat settings and a thermostat, and this (and most other Delonghis) are no exception. Setting a thermostat which will turn the heater off when a certain temperature is reached is a very effective way of reducing the amount of energy used. The Delonghi TRD0715T has three heat settings: 600, 900 and 1500 watts. This model also boasts a 24 hour programmable timer with 96 programming variations to maximise comfort and personalisation.


Honeywell makes heaters and other appliances with a great track record of energy efficiency. One example is the Honeywell HZ-709 Oil Filled Digital Radiator Heater, which is a top competitor in its class. The digital display and controls are intuitive and simple. With a concealed heating element, this heater offers both safety and efficiency. The Honeywell HZ-709 boasts a thermostat which can be set in 1 degree increments from 45F to 85F. This model also offers multiple heat settings with a standby mode that uses just 55 watts and 1500, 900 and 600 watt settings.


Newair manufactures affordable and efficient appliances which are easy to find in most larger retail stores and discount centres. The Newair AH-40 is one of the most energy efficient oil filled radiator heaters available, boasting just 700 watts needed to operate in conjunction with a high speed convection design and adjustable thermostat. This translates to very little power being used while heat is circulated quickly right where it is needed. The convection system means there is no noisy fan and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room.

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