Honda CR 250 specifications

Updated March 23, 2017

The Honda CR 250 is an off-road motocross motorcycle that was manufactured until 2008 when Honda's CR line was discontinued. The CR 250 is considered the high end of the CR range. Due to its relatively low engine displacement and high degree of versatility, the bike is aimed at both learners as well as casual motorcycle hobbyists.

Dimensions and Exterior

The 2007 Honda CR 250's wheelbase is 58.3 inches, with 13.3 inches in ground clearance, 4.3 inches in trail, 26.5 degrees in rake. The motorcycle's dry weight is 96.6 Kilogram, which does not include a full fuel capacity of 2 gallons. The plastic exterior is fitted with brake disc covers, exterior covers and guards, fork guards, font and rear plastic fenders and rubber hand grips.


The 2007 CR 250 is equipped with a liquid-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine with a compression ratio of 8.51:1 and a bore and stroke of 2.61 by 2.84 inches, producing an engine displacement of 15.2 cubic inches. A single 38-mm Mikuni carburettor fuels the engine. It has a five-speed chain-driven manual transmission. A kick starter activates the engine.


The front of the aluminium chassis is fitted with inverted fork suspension with 12.4-inch travel, 21-inch wheels, Dunlop 80/100 R21 tires, 9.4-inch disc brakes and two-caliper pistons. The rear is fitted with aluminium twin-sided swingarm suspension with 12.4-inch travel, 19-inch wheels, Dunlop 110/90 R19 tires, 9.4-inch disc brakes, one caliper piston and a shock absorber.

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