Ideas for a hippie room

Updated November 21, 2016

Decorate your bedroom in psychedelic prints, tie-dye and peace signs to create a blast from the past. The 1960s hippie decor is popular for teens and people who want to relive that era. Put some hip in your bedroom with wild decor, crazy bright colours and an array of 1960s themed items.


Start by painting the walls in bright colours. For example, paint one wall lime green, one wall purple and one wall hot pink. If you are able to paint the ceiling, paint it sky blue. Using white spray paint, paint a large peace sign on one of the walls. Find hippie themed stencils of items like peace signs and flowers to paint on the wall. Paint the words "groovy," "peace" and "love" on the walls.

Curtain Beads

Decorate the room with bead curtains. Replace the entry door and closet doors with them. Use bright-coloured tabbed fabric curtains and hang bead curtains on top of them. Another option is to buy white tabbed curtains from your local retail store and a tie-dye kit from the craft store, and make your own tie-dye curtains to hang. Then hang some peace sign beaded curtains on top of the fabric curtains.

Room Accessories

Create the full hippie effect in your room by adding a variety of accessories. Incorporate lava lamps, burning incense, black lights, various glow-in-the-dark wall art items, Indian beads, an extra fuzzy throw rug or hemp rug, fuzzy throw pillows and psychedelic framed art. Posters featuring bands like The Beatles and Grateful Dead adorn the walls. Old acoustic guitars found at thrift stores make themed artwork that highlights the importance of music in that era.


Purchase tie-dyed bedding at a retail store or online. If you want to make your own, purchase a white comforter, sheets and pillowcases. Use a tie-dye kit to create a bedding set for your bedroom.


Many retail and department stores have retro furniture, such as round chairs, high heel-shaped chairs and bright-coloured furniture. For extra seating or time spent playing guitar, toss some oversized beanbags in tie-dye or bright colours around the room.

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