Motorcycle Crankshaft Rebuilding Tools

Updated November 21, 2016

Sometimes you want your motorcycle to run better and faster. One way to ensure this is to rebuild and align the crankshaft according to Mark Bergfelt of Bergfelt Racing. The crankshaft is a device that is attached to the fly wheel. Its movement powers the ram's up and down motion. A tighter alignment means better motion. Better motion means better power to the engine.


When rebuilding a crankshaft, you need to realign it. Mark Bergfelt, of Bergfelt Racing, states you need to put the crankshaft in a pair of v-blocks, which work like vice grips, in order to steady the crankshaft in a rigid and stationary manner.

Crank Bearing and Gear Removal Set

Removing the bearing gear from the crankshaft can be a tough job. Tusk has a bearing tool that slips a divided plate on either side under a pressed bearing. Once all of the screws have been tightened and the shaft adjusted, it is possible to loosen the bearing ring from the crankshaft for removal that is easy and quick.

Brass Hammer

When it comes time to align the crank shaft halves together, Bergfelt states to use a brass hammer. Brass hammers do not cause sparks when hitting metal, also called being "dead." Nor do they mar the heavier metals, according to Grizzly Industrial, Inc.

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