Things You Can Make With a Baby Lock Embellisher Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

A Baby Lock Embellisher is a type of sewing machine that uses contrasting cloth, embroidery thread, yarn or ribbon to create felted designs. The Embellisher lets users create interesting designs quickly. It has a cluster of 12 needles with barbed tips to felt fabrics by forcing the contrasting fabric or thread into the base fabric. Users can freehand design many projects with the Embellisher and use all kinds of yarn up to 4 millimetres thick for various effects on fabric.


Users can make felted handbags with the Embellisher by using a variety of contrasting fabrics, threads, yarns and ribbons. Some users add beads or other decorations to create additional colour and texture once they have finished the felting process. Besides making the body of the bag, felters also create handles or straps for the bags or use commercial products for this purpose.


Creating pillow covers with the Embellisher using contrasting fabrics and string or ribbon trim is easy to do. If pillow forms are not available in the required size, polyfill placed inside a liner will give body to the pillow. Adding small beads to the pillow accents the design, but larger beads or buttons may interfere with comfort when using the pillow.

Wall Hangings or Rugs

Room decorations like wall hangings are easy to make with the Embellisher. The felting artist can make them as a single piece or assemble a series of pieces to provide white space. While materials suitable for the wall hanging -- such as twigs, shells or other interesting objects -- may add decorative value, those same materials may be uncomfortable on a rug. Most artists back rugs and wall hangings with a liner to prevent stretching.


Quilt makers can use the Embellisher by creating a series of panels and assembling them into a quilt. Softer yarn and base fabrics yield the best results and limiting the decorations sewn onto them will create more comfortable and pliable quilts.


Tailors can create felted fabric for vests, jackets and hats with the Baby Lock Embellisher. The artists first create the fabric and then cut it. The Embellisher does not seam fabrics so the final assembly will have to be done on a serger or sewing machine. Once finished, tailors can add other decorations by hand to complete the garment.

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