Hybrid Tea Rose Names

Updated February 21, 2017

The first recognised hybrid tea rose, developed in 1867, was the La France, a cross between a hybrid perpetual rose and a tea rose. In 2010 more than 6,000 varieties of hybrid tea rose were available in all colours except blue and black. The person who develops the variety generally gives the name for the rose variety. Names range from the poetic April in Paris to roses named after celebrities, such as the Barbara Bush, the Barbra Streisand, the Betty White and the Marilyn Monroe.

Cajun Moon

According to the Pacific Rose Society, Cajun Moon (WEKonine) is one of the most beautiful and popular exhibition hybrid tea roses in the U.S. The Cajun Moon, introduced in 2002, has very large and pure white blooms that have a very fine pink edging. The blooms have from 34 to 42 petals. This rose bush grows 4 to 6 feet tall with straight stems that average about 18 to 28 inches long.


According to Roses-Rose, the yellow Peace hybrid tea rose is the most popular rose in the world. The rose was bred in Meilland, France, in 1945, and became a symbol for the end of World War II. This rose bush is very vigorous and hardy. The Peace rose also comes in a climbing variety.

A variation of the Peace rose is the Chicago Peace Rose, introduced in 1962. The blooms have 45 petals that are peachy yellow at the base but turn pink at the edge.

Falling In Love

The Falling in Love hybrid tea rose has big, fragrant flowers of warm pink and porcelain white with a petal count of about 25. The bush is an upright, medium to tall plant with lots of blooms. The flower has a strong rose and fruit fragrance.

HT Double Delight

Introduced in 1977, the HT Double Delight was voted one of the world's favourite roses by the World Federation of Rose Societies. This rose has double blooms with 40 petals. The colour can range from cream, edged in red, to fully red with touches of pink, white and cream.

Paradise Rose

The Paradise Rose is a lavender rose introduced in 1978. The centre of the petals is mauve, with the outer edges in dark red. This rose has double flowers and is also called the Burning Sky or Passion Rose.

Blue Girl

Introduced in 1964, the Blue Girl is lavender blue. It won the Rome gold medal in 1964. This rose is a little tender and grows best in warmer climates. Many flowers bloom on the bush at once.

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