14th Birthday Ideas for Boys

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 14 means that your little boy isn't so little any more. Figuring out the ever-changing tastes of a high schoolboy can be a slightly daunting task, especially when it comes to planning his birthday. While pirates and clowns may have worked well in the past, when planning birthday celebrations for a teenager you should try plan something that's a little more grown up, but still lots of fun.

Go-Kart Party

He's still two years from driving on the road, but you can rarely go wrong with celebrating his birthday at a go-kart track. Check your area for the nearest go-kart track and make reservations for him and all his friends to go for the afternoon of his birthday. Depending on the set up of the track facilities, they may also have available arcade and video games for the boys to play in between races. Keep the food simple and plentiful. Pizzas, submarine sandwiches and an endless supply of crisps are main ingredients for any successful boy's party since it means they can snack whenever they want.

Camping Party

If your son's birthday falls during the camping season, a fun way to celebrate his birthday is to take him and a few friends camping for the weekend. This not only extends the length of the party, but also gives them a sense of independence if you're at a different (but still nearby) site. Bring lots of easy to prepare food like hot dogs and hamburgers and plenty of snacks for them to munch on or roast once the sun goes down. Camping in state parks means there will be lots of hiking trails and other activities to keep them occupied during the day.

Bowling Party

Bowling is a sport that's fun even if you're not very good at it. On Friday and Saturday nights, many bowling alleys run alternative versions of bowling like cosmic bowling or rock and bowl. Try to arrange for an even number of his friends to attend so that they can play as teams. The catering's already taken care of since bowling alleys generally have a snack bar of some sort with teenage favourites like pizza and hot dogs.

Movie Party

You can rarely go wrong sending your son and his friends to the movies for his birthday. At 14 they'll be old enough to watch the movie on their own so it's just a matter of shuttling them back and forth. Buy the tickets ahead of time and provide the party goers with gift tokens so they can buy their own snacks once they get to the theatre. After the movie's over, bring them back for pizza and birthday cake while they watch other movies. Be prepared to have them all camp out in your basement or living room.

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